Frequently asked questions

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    Can the contractor pay the deductible ?
    In Texas if a contractor pays the deductible, it is considered insurance fraud. Homeowner and contractor will face some jail time if the insurance opens an investigation.
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    If homeowner decides to shop around, does he get to keep the money that's left over ?
    No. If insurance pays 12,000 dollars and you find a contractor that can do it for 10,000, the insurance will keep the 2,000 dollars remaining. Insurance company will always ask for a receipt from the contractor. If contractor writes an invoice for a bigger amount , it is insurance fraud.
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    Can the homeowner keep the insurance check and not do the work ?
    If homeowner doesn't complete all the repairs specified in the claim report , they will not receive the full amount. This is the reason why an insurance company splits the money in two checks. They will issue the last check after they go and inspect your home.
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    What's the first step in filing a insurance claim
    Call us so we can help you. I will schedule an appointment with the insurance adjuster so I can point out the damages. keep in mind that the insurance adjusters are on the insurance side. It's my job to make sure insurance pays for everything that is damaged.
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    If the roof has hail damage but doesn't leak, should I replaced it ?
    Yes. Eventually it will start leaking. If the roof doesn't get replace within the first year, insurance will not pay for it anymore. You have up to 1 year to make the claim. After the fist year you have to pay out of your pocket.
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    If the roof was exposed to strong winds , will the insurance pay for it?
    Yes.Sometimes you might think the roof has no damage but when there are high winds the shingles get lose . After They become lose it will not take much before the shingles start coming of the roof.
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    does insurance companies pay for a roof that is old?
    No. Insurance policies have a clause on the contract stating, they will not pay for "wear and tear".
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    Can my roof be modify to help me keep the attic cooler?
    Yes. We can remove the old turbines and install Ridge Vent. Ridge Vent will cover a larger area of the house so it can keep it cooler. We can do this Upgrade.
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